Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Bruges by Night

One of the best decisions we made on our journey through the Netherlands and Belgium was to spend a few days in Bruges.  I had heard it was a day trip but decided to stay for a few nights with my husband.  Truth be told, we could have easily spent several more days here.  Bruges is one of the most well preserved towns in all of Europe and as you explore, you can almost imagine what life was like hundreds of years ago here.  Some of the common laws in place to maintain this atmosphere inside the walls are are: no neon signs, no  traffic lights, height restrictions on buidlings, and no asphalt or paved roads.  Since it so popular as a day trip town, when the hordes leave at 5 PM, a sort of peaceful hum takes over the town.  That was my favorite time to explore the streets and the canals and bridges.  As darkness fell, the bridges and buildings were illuminated with the most romantic glow of lights, mesmerizing us into a Belgian haze.  Just say no to day tripping-stay for a few nights!

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