Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A View to Die For

In the middle of a 2 week long trip to crowded Italian cities, there were 2 glorious days in the largely undiscovered Cinque Terre.  Just like its name says, there are 5 Lands (towns), perched on the mountainous, Italian rugged coastline.   In the two days on the hiking trails I could count the other hikers on 2 hands.    It was a joy to be so alone amidst such stunning scenery.  The views of the Ligurian Sea are breathtaking and the approach to each town, jaw-dropping.  The  landscape,  punctuated with houses of color---red, yellow, ochre—all look like they could crumble into a pile and tumble into the blue sea at any moment.  The Five towns each have distinctive features but they all have one thing in common -- Fantastic views…….This view of Manarola was taken from a special perch—the local cemetery.  Seems that the dearly departed were afforded the best views!

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